Our Services: Teeth Whitening

We offer an at-home treatment that involves wearing very comfortable custom made trays filled with a whitening gel.  These clear and soft custom trays are typically worn for a couple hours each day.  The amount of time worn can depend on age, the level of staining the patient has, as well as if they experience tooth sensitivity.  This treatment can take from 2 to 4 weeks to obtain desirable results.  Please keep in mind results may vary with each individual.

The first appointment is to make impressions of your teeth.  The second appointments is to deliver the custom fabricated whitening trays along with the whitening gel.  We can have you return to evaluate your progress and possibly dispense additional whitening gel if needed to obtain the desired results.

The whitening of teeth may last anywhere from six months to a couple years, depending on the age of the patient and diet.  Coffee, tea, red wine, and tobacco all have the greatest staining effect on teeth.  Avoiding these things will likely increase the duration of the whitening.

Teeth Whitening