Our Services: Crowns

Also referred to as a "cap", a crown is a protective covering placed completely over an existing tooth to protect the tooth from cracking or fracturing. 

An impression is made of the prepared tooth.  It is sent to a dental laboratory to have the crown custom made.  Depending on the patient and site in the mouth, crowns can me made of all white porcelain, porcelain over gold or solid gold.

Crowns are usually placed when a tooth is broken down or decayed to a point where a filling simply will not work.  When teeth have large "fillings" in them, they are more prone to fracture which could result in the need for root canal therapy or even losing the tooth.  Dentists will recommend a crown as the best way to help prevent these more serious problems from developing. 

Some patients request crowns for cosmetic purposes when other options for enhancing their smile are not available or appropriate.